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Matrimonial / Divorce Valuations

When a married couple decides to divorce, a fair financial agreement will need to be reached. The matrimonial home, and other property owned by the couple, will usually be considered as a significant asset which is why it’s important to know its exact value. In some cases, a couple may be able to reach an agreement on how their finances are separated without any external support. However, for instances where this is not possible, a Matrimonial Valuation can help. 

Here at Morgan Sloane, we understand that even with the most amicable of separations, the process can feel extremely difficult and stressful. Our highly-experienced team prides themselves on treating each case with the utmost respect and producing accurate, time-efficient Matrimonial Valuation reports.

What is a Matrimonial Valuation?

A Matrimonial Valuation, also commonly referred to as a Divorce Valuation, is required in situations where couples are unable to agree on how to distribute their joint assets. Property is often one of the most valuable assets that a couple will own, and it’s important to ensure that you understand the value of any property you jointly own. An independent, RICS registered Surveyor will be able to provide an accurate valuation report.

What Does a Matrimonial Valuation Consider?

A Matrimonial Valuation report will be formed on the basis of the following:

  • Market value
  • Location
  • Accommodation type
  • Construction
  • Similar properties that have been recently sold in the area

Benefits of a Matrimonial Valuation 

You’ll find that there are plenty of benefits that come with a Matrimonial Valuation, some of these benefits include:

  • Get Advice from an Independent RICS Registered Valuer
  • Avoid Delays 
  • Receive What’s Rightfully Yours

Can Morgan Sloane Help with Matrimonial / Divorce Valuations? 

Morgan Sloane is an independent firm of RICS registered chartered surveyors based in Essex. We provide specialist property valuations including Matrimonial Valuations (also known as Divorce Valuations), building surveying and advisory services. Our team boasts an abundance of knowledge, experience and expertise. We’re proud to provide a fast, efficient and accurate service that is tailored to every client. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.