Morgan Sloane

Damp and Timber Surveys

Independent Damp & Timber Reports

Morgan Sloane's Damp and Timber reports from our Property Care Association (PCA) registered Independent Damp and Timber surveyor can save you £000's compared to the 'free' surveys you can obtain from companies who also sell solutions to your damp problems.

We do not work with, or recommend any product or company but will give you a truly independent report. We have no vested interest in leading clients to undertake any work, so will always provide the best advice for your particular situation.  We are consummate professionals who value integrity and honesty, which is backed up by solid experience and qualifications whilst being able to provide a very personal service and a friendly and approachable manner.

  • Pre-purchase damp Reports
  • Pre-purchase damp and timber reports
  • Damp diagnosis and repair advice
  • Fungal decay reporting
  • Woodworm
  • Water Ingress
  • Condensation advice

We will provide you with impartial honest advice as well as giving you an indication of the potential cost implications to deal with any defects identified.

Clients often save the cost of our fee many times over compared to the need for expensive damp proofing measures which are regularly recommended by some firms.

Contact us today to discuss your requirement in more detail.