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Land Registry plans and drawings

Title plans and floor plan drawings for homeowners

All our Land Registry plans and drawings are fully compliant.

Title plans

You can use Land Registry title plans to identify the boundaries of your property, which is crucial when extending your property. It's best to get a copy of your title plan to ensure that you're not building on land that's not technically yours. 

If you are found to be building on land that is not yours according to the title plan for your property, you will be instructed to knock down any progress and re-submit your planning application in-line with your property's boundary.

Floor plan drawings

Our floor plan drawings are necessary when altering your property or making a planning application. Our plans are a scale diagram of your property showing all of its features, including the outline of the property, its doors and walls, as well as its staircase, bathrooms, kitchen and other areas with permanent fixtures.

We also provide building surveys, in case you're buying or renovating a property.

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