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What Type of Survey do I Need?

The type of house survey you will need largely depends on the age and condition of the property you are buying or selling. Choosing the right survey will help highlight any serious problems and advise you of the specific risks before you commit to the process of buying or selling a house. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of surveys and why you may need them. 

New Build Snagging Surveys

The purpose of New Build Snagging Surveys is to identify "snags" in finishing quality. This could include incomplete or cosmetically unacceptable works done by the housing developer that may not be immediately obvious to the buyer. 

If you’re purchasing a new build property, arranging a New Build Snagging Survey is a wise investment to ensure peace of mind that your new build home is in top condition. This can also help to avoid buyer/developer conflict by impartially identifying issues with the property, which the developers can then resolve. 

Level 2 Condition Survey (HomeBuyers Report)

A HomeBuyers Report will primarily focus on urgent or significant defects and issues which may affect the value of a property. However, it is not as detailed and comprehensive as a Building Survey (see below to find out more). A Level 2 survey is ideal for those buying a traditional property that is more modern, of standard construction and not too big or complicated. 

When conducting a HomeBuyers survey, we highlight any significant problems, making it very easy for the buyer to understand. The result will include quick identification of any important issues that will need to be addressed and that could impact the house.

Level 3 Condition Survey (Building Survey)

A Building Survey is the most comprehensive and detailed surveys available - it can save buyers a great deal of time and hassle. This report is ideally suited to larger, more complex, older, extended or higher value homes. If this applies to you, we highly recommend arranging a Building Survey as it will reveal an incredible amount of detail that may not have been visible or apparent on your visits to the property.

A Building Survey offers all the same benefits as a HomeBuyers survey, to a greater depth of detail to ensure that your property is future-proof. These include: a comprehensive review of construction and condition of the building fabric, explanations of the extent and type of remedial repair required, guidance towards further investigations or other advice required and potential future maintenance issues. All of which could save a homeowner a large amount of time and money moving forward. 

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