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Benefits of a New Build Snagging Survey

When purchasing a new build home you understandably expect everything to be perfect. However, according to the New Home Customer Satisfaction survey, 94% of people buying a new build in 2021 had to report snags or defects to their builder. A snagging survey is designed to highlight any problems, from cosmetic to structural, so the building developer can rectify them. We highly recommend having your new home examined by a professional who can offer independent, unbiased advice on the condition of your new home and the quality of the build.

We would say it’s best for a snagging survey to be completed before you exchange contracts with the developer. Therefore, developers should be able to remedy any issues raised in the snagging survey quickly and conveniently before you move in. However, in some cases this is not possible as some developers will not allow snagging inspections before completion. If this is the case, you should get your survey done as soon as possible after completion and no later than two years after your move in date. 

Our expert surveyors at Morgan Sloane will thoroughly inspect your property, internally and externally. We will draw your attention to everything, even minor issues such as doors not closing properly and untidy paint finishing. We will also pick up on more serious and structural issues if applicable so they can be recognised and resolved. Once the survey has been completed, the result will be a snagging list that will record all defects and enable you to ensure your new house is finished to the appropriate standard moving forward. 

Are you still wondering if you need a snagging survey for your home? It’s worth remembering that it’s a minor cost in comparison to the price of your new house. We believe it has great benefits as it can save you a large amount of money and stress in the future. You can then be confident that your new home is safe and finished to perfection.

If you’re looking to purchase a new build property, make use of our snagging survey service to ensure that any issues with the property are resolved by the developer. Get in touch with the team on 0800 161 5767 to book yours today, or enquire here

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